Ministry Team

Michael Marklew – Minister
Michael is passionate about seeing God’s grace transform every part of our lives through gospel shaped ministry. He is married to Alison and together they have three highly energetic children! For almost 20 years before working as a full time paid minister he was the owner of a telecommunications company which he founded whilst studying Computer Science at the University of Newcastle. He enjoys being able to undertake the tasks of preaching, youth work and pastoral care within the church. His years of expertise in technology provide him with the perfect platform of skills to improve communication and management within the staff team and wider church.


Alison Marklew – Children & Families
Alison loves Jesus and enjoys energetic worship. She is gifted with teaching children and youth. Her hope is that the church would be encouraged and equipped to stay focused on Christ, accommodate the needs of families and be welcoming to each new person.


“The CHILD must know that he is a MIRACLE, that since the beginning of the world there hasn’t been, and until the end of the world will not be, another child like him.” ― Pablo Casals 1876-1973.

Peter Anderson – Pastoral Minister
Peter has a strong calling for pastoral care and social justice. He has been a member of St Paul’s for almost 40 years and is married to Yvonne, together they have four adult children who have provided them with nine wonderful grandchildren. He has worked with the Police Force for both the Western and Hunter services 12 1/2 years before building a home and moving to Fern Bay. He then moved to Stockton upon retiring from BHP which he worked with for 21 1/2 years before it’s closure. His outlook is one of excitement and anticipation toward the ongoing growth of St Paul’s in the years to come.

Stephen Shrubb – Assistant Minister