One Baptism

We recognise as baptised persons all those who have been baptised with water in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. We do not re-baptise people who have been baptised in other traditions of the Christian Faith, as in accordance with what we profess in the Nicene Creed 'we believe in one Baptism'. We baptise people as Christians.


We welcome to the sacrament of Baptism both children and adults.

Baptism as such is the start of a journey, the door of the Church, and a commitment to walk this journey of faith. 

In ancient time Abraham set out on a journey from Ur of the Chaldees to the the place that I will show you, and he had no idea what was before him, no vision of a destination, just simply trust God to be with him on the journey.

Maybe 800 years after that great journey, Moses led the people of Israel out of Captivity in Egypt through the waters of the Red Sea, the wilderness of Sinai, and  into freedom in the place they called home (the same place that Abraham had journeyed to) and whilst they new where they were going, they had no idea how to get there.

Jesus calls us to follow him, and that journey ultimately will lead through the deep waters of death and into the glory of the everlasting kingdom.

Sponsors and Godparents

Part of the expectation for candidates for Baptism is that they are presented by sponsors. To be a sponsor or Godparent it is essential that you be a baptised person yourself. That is to say that to support people on this sacramental journey of life and faith, the person needs also to be on the journey. It is not essential that all the Sponsors be Anglican, however it is desirable that at least one of them be Anglican.

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